The webinars held by Leelajay are treasure troves of information that is extremely relevant in the work environment. Taking part in the webinar I was able to grasp many things that is generally overlooked by me at the workplace. When I applied the same at my office my life definitely became better.


Instructor led training at Leelajay is really unique way to learn. When I learnt about it I was skeptical but the training experience was exemplary. The trainer was really knowledgeable and I learnt many things that I could not have in the office environment. Thank you Leelajay.

Sapna Singh

Corporate training at Leelajay was one thing that helped me accelerate my career. The specific training about IT developments helped me to cope with the changes in the office way of communication, and I became a better person. Also I learnt a lot about presentations that is helping me at the moment.

Ajay Sharma

It was good session of my training in LeelaJay Technologies. Experience was nice because trainer is very interactive. I noticed one thing about LeelaJay Technologies that the management is very serious about placements of students and that’s why Students succeeding to get placements. I felt very thankful to be trained here.

Zoya Siddhiqui

LeelaJay technologies provides proper guidance to the aspirants and gives the best possible infrastructural support that is required to complete the EMEA certification. Thus providing the gateway to a Global platform.

Priyanka Singh

Learning and implementing management practices like task assignment, resource allocation, work progress tracking and many other things at MS Project 2013 was interesting. I consider Leelajay technologies to be a good training Company in terms of training and coordination of activities.

Vijay Kumar

If you want to work with a company that understands people and technology in the same vain then Leelajay is the company to work with. They have a really nice work culture and diverse workforce. This thing helps as they have projects from all over the world.


The best part of working with Leelajay was that they know what works. The technology team understands the market and delivers products that fit right in. Also they are a good place for learning on the job. I put my nephew on their internship program and he came out with flying colors. He learnt practical things which helped him later in his career.


My project experience with Leelajay was really nice. The team working on my company’s IT enabling project were thorough professionals. Each module was developed on time and we could start the ERP two days before the promised time of delivery.


Leelajay Technology was my first company doing an internship program, and I was very skeptical after somebody told me they will not pay for your work. But the experience was quite opposite, and I got paid every two weeks for my work. I also worked on a critical project for an English client and learnt how technology is delivered.


One of the best IT consulting company I have worked with is Leelajay Technology. Their technology services are exemplary while the training and internship is in sync with the market demand. I did my internship here while doing my training and have really good memories.